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“I have always loved art, even when I was a little kid. My grandma was a painter and I wanted to be just like her, since then I have tried all kinds of different art forms and it is hard to stick to just one. I love anything handmade and I also love fine art. I was a painter first and sold custom portraits for a few years (and still do on occasion) but with a full time job and full time life I wanted to start something a little more fun and crafty…” – Shannon Tomku, Inked Native Designs

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Boheman: A place for Small Brands, Artists, and Creative People

Come join Boheman, marketplace for small brands and creative people. It is free to set up shop, get your name out there, and start selling. We want you if you are an artist, a creative, an artisan, or you make handmade products we can sell with you. Check us out!

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